NIMUENDAJÚ – animated feature

Our Co-Production with ANAYA from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is being currently in production. We will keep you updated on new stages of finalization, soon. The feature is made with retroskoping-technique and the raw footage was shot between 2012 and 2018 in indigenous areas in collaboration with Indian tribes all over Brazil. We had windows at Cannes Festival and Annecy Festival and count on the support of these Festivals for the world premiere of this special project.

The film tells the story of Curt “Nimuendajú” Unckel from Jena, Germany. He emigrated to Brazil in the late 19th century as an adventurer and made contact with indigenous culture wich he absorbed. Unckel organized his life around his studies and became the most important ethnologist in Latin America of his time, living with Indians for over 40 years, preserving elements of their culture in collaboration with museums around the globe as well as fighting for the indigenous rights in the fiield of politics and capitalism.