Feature Film


Synopsis for the feature film

By Andrew Deutsch


Rio 1962.   At the nexus of high society and low, style and street, pop music, and passionate crime, a young tabloid photographer will do anything to get ahead– even protect a serial killer.


1962 Rio de Janeiro as re-imagined thru Brasil and the world of today’s eyes.  “Breathless” meets the stylization of “Kill Bill. “La Dolce Vita” meets “Bob Le Flambeur” with scents of Harper, Bullitt, Point Blank sans chase scenes.  Paparazzi and police, big hair and big pop songs, cool jazz, and hot Rhythm & Blues, Vespas and Fuscas, dark streets and nightclubs, shifting morals and shifty people. 


Beto, a poor, young freelance news photographer may have photo-ed Sergio leaving the crime scene of a murdered popular singer/actress,.  But when Sergio, black-sheep of a powerful Rio family, agrees to an exchange: Beto gets photo entrée to high society – if he loses the negatives – well Beto needs money and for that access.  Then more killings occur and Beto has to make a choice, keep his career or help catch the criminal.


It’s Rio of 1962, populated by gold diggers, pop singers, street vendors, scene makers, a deceptive detective, aggressive paparazzi, a sly housekeeper,  an asexual playboy, a sleazy street criminal, an ambitious army General, and a street photographer with a deadly agenda.


Mostly shot at night, or in apartments, restaurants and nightclubs, Rio Flash ’62 is designed to be produced on a medium-low budget. Period locations and events footage green screened.  Scanned stills.  Selective subjective lighting.  Whatever works within the budget to give the story pace, emotion, rhythm, excitement.  It will be a stylish, kinetic and music filled journey through a sensual, surreal Rio of the imagination.


It’s twisty story, distinctive characters, dramatic political-cultural clashes, unique music, and  coolly hot style will draw a broad international audience into a compelling world of a timeless past.