Andrew Deutsch – Screenwriter

Andrew has been a screenwriter for over 25 years, most of that time in Los Angeles; recently based in Sao Paulo.  He has written for numerous film and television projects including:“Ninguem e Ninguem” rewrite adaptation of the novel. Lucius Motion producers. “Corner of the World”, original screenplay.  “Operation Underworld”, story for TV pilot. Steve DeJarnatt writer/prod.  “The AmeriKing of Brasil”, original screenplay.  “Godzilla: Clash of the Titans”, Fox Television.  “Possession”, original MOW adaptation of the novel for Greatview Ent.   “Backfire”, original screenplay for A.N.A. Productions.  “The Shoot To Kill”, original screenplay for Breton Films, Ltd.  “Caminho dos Sonhos”, co-writer of feature film. Lucas Amberg, dir. Alan Amiel, prod.  “The Vet”, original screenplay for Fries Ent.,
“The Killing Streets”, original screen play for 21st Century Films. Menaham Golan, producer. 
“Soul’s On Fire; The History of Atlantic Records”, TV series for Propaganda Films.
“Angel’s Flight”, rewrite, Harry Towers, producer. Breton Films.   “River of Death”, adaptation of the Alistair Maclean novel for Cannon Films; Menaham Golan, Yurim Globus executive producers. “Howling IV”, screenplay rewrite, Clive Turner producer.   “Platoon Leader”, screenplay rewrite, Harry Towers producer. Cannon Films   “Untitled Mafia Project”, bible for six hour mini-series. Dan Blatt, producer.  “Freedom Fighters”, screenplay rewrite, Cannon Films.  “Crime Today”, screenplay rewrite for Sirius Motion Productions