Producer´s note

With “Desert Sea” we are looking to improve our international relationships. So far, we have participated in the European Market of the Berlin International Film Festival (2013) and have secured a cooperation agreement for international co-production with 99 Produccoes Lta (Brazil) and Fado Filmes (Portugal). We presented our project at the Festival de Cannes (2013) with the support of the Programa Cinema do Brasil (Cinema of Brazil Programme). We had three further meetings with international financiers, distributors and producers. Bavaria Film Partners and a major world sales company showed explicit interest in joining the venture.

 The current project is of great interest for some very promising elements: the creativity and originality of the plot and script; the study of the exuberant nature of Brazil; the mystery and torment of the German sailors inside a war submarine, which represents the little known presence of the Second World War in the South Atlantic; and the cangaço, the social banditry movement in the Northeast of Brazil in its final stages of decadence.

 This is an instigating story that has all the elements to attract an international audience: it is technically and artistically elaborated, and has an international cast.