Vou nadar ate voce – trailer

We are proud to announce the start of the film helmed by Klaus Mitteldorf on March 5th in cinemas all over Brazil. It will be released by Elo Company and FOX Distribution in over 20 major cities in the country. A production by Coracao da Selva, Mar Filmes, Norami Filmes and Cinezebra. The film stars Bruna Marquezine, Peter Ketnath, Fernando Alves Pinto and many others. Photography by Alexandre Ermel.

Our beautiful production Ainda temos a imensidao da noite / We still have the deep black night is invited to the most important festival for Latin-American films in the world: the Havanna Filmfestival . Director Gustavo Galvao will be there representing on December 9th!!

Abismo Tropical

Official Trailer. Production by 99 Produccoes, German co-production and contact: Cinezebra GmbH. The documentary by Paulo Caldas premiered at the 43rd Mostra International de Sao Paulo and went straight to XII Jana International do Recife, Pernambuco. We look forward to have the film also in Germany available.

Ainda temos a imensidão da noite

We still have the deep black night. A feature film by Gustavo Galvao.

A production with Sara Silveira´s Dezenove Som e Imagens and Gustavo Galvao´s 400 Filmes in association with Crisol Filmes from Christiane Oliveira. German production helmed by Cinezebra GmbH and Paulo Carvalho´s Autentika Films.

The picture combines music and visualized story in a unique way and had support from musicians like Lee Ronaldo, founder of the north-american rockband Sonic Youth.

Tired of fighting for a place in the sun with her Rockband in wich she sings and plays the trumpet, Karen decides to leave Brasilia. She follows the traces of her ex-partner in the band, Artur, who tries his luck in Berlin. An invitation comes from Martin, a German friend, with whom they form an unpredictable triangle.

The film starts in Brazilian national cinemas on December 5th 2019 with distribution from Pandora Filmes.

Abismo Tropical. A documentary by Paulo Caldas


Abismo Tropical é um filme que retrata a angústia de um artista no dia das eleições presidenciais no Brasil, no ano de 2018. Um testemunho em primeira pessoa, em tempo real, com questionamentos existenciais e estéticos, o diretor / narrador faz reflexões sobre o tempo, dilatando o presente, beirando a queda livre num futuro incerto. 


Tropical Abyss is a film that portrays the anguish of an artist on the day of the presidential elections in Brazil in 2018. A first-person testimony, in real time, with existential and aesthetic questions, the director makes reflections about life, expanding the present, bordering his own free fall in the uncertain future.

Start for development of original story



With the kind support of MFG Baden-Württemberg, we will participate at the Sources 2 program this year in Potsdam, Germany, to develop our original story for the feature film  “Into the sun”. Writer Camila Gonzatto and helmer Juan Zapata are with us on this!