Start for development of original story



With the kind support of MFG Baden-Württemberg, we will participate at the Sources 2 program this year in Potsdam, Germany, to develop our original story for the feature film  “Into the sun”. Writer Camila Gonzatto and helmer Juan Zapata are with us on this!

Research on “CANS ON THE BEACH”

Cans on the beach. A story based on true events. In the end of the 1980ies, a handful of guys from Hawaii took off for a big dream and a huge grass deal: ship tons of weed from Asia to Brazil, using sealed cans of vegetable soup for storage. The trip comes out other than planned and luckily everyone has survived, at least.


NIMUENDAJÙ goes Cannes

We are present at this year´s Cannes Festival with our animated film project “Nimuendajú” and also take some other projects with us. If you want to get more info or meet around the Festival Circus, write an email to

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