NIMUENDAJÙ goes Cannes

We are present at this year´s Cannes Festival with our animated film project “Nimuendajú” and also take some other projects with us. If you want to get more info or meet around the Festival Circus, write an email to

follow also this latest press article:

RIO-SANTOS, filming in Germany


We have proudly produced some footage for the film “Rio-Santos”, directed by Klaus Mitteldorf at Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Germany.





Starring Bruna Marquezine, Fernando Alves Pinto and Ondina Clais, the film is to be released in August 2017. Head production company is Coracao da Selva, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

below: DoP Alexandre Ermel at work.

Another Forever by Juan Zapata

After winning the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival in August and making a bow at the Bogota International Film Festival in October ´16, this film will start the distribution circle on December 8th in Brazil, U.S.A., Colombia. Several other countries will follow up soon, among them Germany in Spring 2017.

We are proud and happy.

@ Annecy Festival until Sunday, 18th


IMG_7374Peter Ketnath and director Tania Anaya at Annecy, Palace Imperial, 2016. 





Project NIMUENDAJÚ & Cinezebra GmbH:

We are a coproducer from stuttgart, germany. Nimuendaju is a very interesting project and besides of having already a distributor for the film in germany, we will contribute to the production with 20% of its costs.
Attached to this production plan is both private and governmental investment and animation studios in the stuttgart area for executive animation. Also we have postproduction facilities and will accompany the film until the production of the DCP.

The project is ideal for international coproductions wich can hold shares for their country of origin. The animation process in this project allows simultaneous animation in different countries around the globe.

Nimuendaju is a universal story that shows indigenous life and rituals as well as the importance of knowing our history to master our future. The selfmade ethnologist Curt Unckel leads through an adventurous story about life, love, friendship, betrayal and death and we understand why the indians gave him his name: NIMUENDAJU: the one who found his way.